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Open letter to inform the international community regarding sexual abuse and rape in Romania


Throughout its activity, AID, as a non-governmental organization preoccupied with promoting and defending democracy rights, has been a strong supporter of the anti-corruption institutions as part of a state governed by the rule of law.

Taking into consideration the recent events, we wish to inform you about an extremely important matter, that is taking place right now at the level of the local communities in Romania: rape and sexual abuses.

In the last month, our organization has been extremely active and preoccupied about the special case of an eighteen years old young lady, regarding the horrible experience she suffered on the 10th of November 2014. The victim was kidnapped by seven boys from a village in Vaslui, a poor area of Romania, taken on a field, where she was raped and abused in horrible ways, for several hours. During this experience, she also fainted for two times and was sprayed with alcohol by the rapists, in order to wake up.

After the case was investigated by the prosecutors of Vaslui and was sent in front of the court, the judge ruled that the seven rapists do not have to go to prison and they can be investigated under judicial control, because they do not pose a major social threat.

Basically, this means that the seven brutes can meet in the same village, every day, with their victim. More over, their families threatened the victim’s family and convinced the local community that the girl was guilty by default, just by her existence.

On the 23rd of June, AID has sent an official request to the General Prosecutor of Romania and to the Supreme Council of Magistracy, in order to start internal investigations and establish if there were any judicial errors that lead to the outraging situation of having the rapists free on the streets.

At the present moment, all the Romanian media, with no exception, is giving very large attention and space to this case, in a huge common effort of raising awareness regarding rape and sexual abuse, which represents a systematic problem of the Romanian society, in special, in poor areas.

The case of this young girl represented and represents just the top of the iceberg and a dramatic case of a deeper problem in Romania: home abuse, sexual abuse, rape, violence.
In order to underline the above mentioned problems and the situation in Vaslui county, in the first six months of the year, were committed 30 cases of rape, 26 cases of sexual abuses against minors and 5 cases of incest.

These statistics are putting Vaslui in the first ten counties in Romania regarding the above mentioned criminal activities. Additionally, Vaslui county was even on a unwanted first place in the past years, for the number of rapes commited. The victims are usually members of the same poor families or from the roma community.

Therefore, our organization is addressing you this letter, in order to underline the importance, as part of a state governed by the rule of law, of such horrible crimes commited and also to ask your help in raising awareness against rape and sexual violence against women or children and also in raising awareness into how the community should react in such situations, when a victim is condemned by the local community.

We shall keep you posted with the recent developments in this case, but also with other social problems that affect the local community, as an important part of respecting human rights.

At the end of our letter, we inform you that our request was sent to the General Prosecutor of Romania, to the judicial inspection of Supreme Council of Magistracy and to the Police Department of Vaslui. These institutions started internal investigation regarding the activity of prosecutors and judges that took part in this case, proving until now professionalism and understanding for the big social impact of this case at national level

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